October 29, 2008

Six Random Things


Here are six random things you probably didn't know about me. (Thanks to Grace, whose blog is listed on the right, for initiating this):

1. I like to line things up. I like to see the sun through a tree, or see the crescent moon balanced on top of the Washington Monument. I love it even more when the planets and moon line up in some kind of neat pattern without my intervention.

2. If I step on too many of one kind of thing with one foot (cracks, shadows, red tiles) and not the other, I start feeling edgy and off-balance. With a little effort, I can ignore it, though.

3. I compulsively flip pens around my thumb even when I'm typing on a computer. (I pause my typing every now and then to twirl it, or twirl it while I'm thinking.)

4. I tried to write a book when I was about thirteen called The Creek, about two boys who escaped a bizarre murder attempt by their uncle while their parents were away and had to live by a creek all summer. I wasn't trying to be macabre. I was just trying to find a credible reason to have two boys living on a creek all summer. But the whole attempted murder scene was bumming me out, so I stopped writing it.

5. I have something like 4,000 pages worth of journals lying around in my room in Stigler, Oklahoma.

6. I'm grateful for the pain I've experienced in some of my relationships. Pain is an amazing catalyst and teacher if handled carefully and correctly. Sometimes, though, it really is just an unnecessary pain in the ass.

1 comment:

Grace said...

These are some great random things. I didn't know about the one-foot-on-too-many-cracks deal. You've kept it really quiet, except...is that why you sometime randomly fall over to one side while walking?